Song meaning of Mashiro Ayano - Ideal White (Romanized) by Genius Romanizations

Artist:Genius Romanizations     January 17,2024
The song "Ideal White" by Mashiro Ayano expresses a message of perseverance and hope in the face of despair and uncertainty. The lyrics portray a sense of finding solace and strength even when surrounded by feelings of hopelessness. The opening lines describe the despair and voiceless struggles of the protagonist, constantly stumbling and trying to make their voice heard.

However, amidst the darkness, the white represents a pure and ideal future that the protagonist and their friends share. It symbolizes their collective hopes and dreams, the one thing they have to hold onto. Despite the narrator's personal doubts and feeling of being overshadowed by darkness, they continue to search for their own path towards a brighter future.

The constant references to white and purity imply the aspiration for a better tomorrow, as the protagonist wants to leave their mark in the white, pure snow. It is a reminder that despite the challenges and frustrations faced, the pursuit of their own destiny and the search for their unique future is what matters the most.

Overall, "Ideal White" conveys a message of resilience, individuality, and the importance of never giving up on finding one's own ideal future, despite the surrounding despair and uncertainty. It encourages listeners to continue striving for their dreams and aspirations, acknowledging that there is no one correct path, but rather a personal journey towards a fulfilling tomorrow.

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