Song meaning of Boss Bitch by Brooke Candy (Ft. Ashnikko)

Artist:Brooke Candy (Ft. Ashnikko)     January 05,2024
The lyrics of "Boss Bitch" by Brooke Candy ft. Ashnikko convey a message of empowerment and confidence. The song celebrates the strength and authority of women who are unafraid to assert themselves and dominate in a male-dominated world. 

The chorus emphasizes the idea of starting from the ground up and working hard to achieve success, both financially and personally. The phrase "get my dollars and my pounds up" suggests a determination to not only accumulate wealth but also establish oneself as a powerful figure. The lyrics assert that these "boss bitches" will make themselves heard and make the biggest noise, refusing to be silenced or overlooked.

The verses further reinforce this message with bold and provocative imagery. Lines like "I'ma shout it, make the biggest noise" and "stringing him along like a cross-stitch" assert dominance and control, challenging traditional gender roles and expectations. The lyrics also play with themes of sexuality and power, making statements about autonomy and pleasure.

Overall, "Boss Bitch" promotes a message of empowerment, encouraging women to embrace their strength and assertiveness, break down barriers, and defy societal expectations. It serves as a bold anthem for women to confidently own their power and be unapologetically themselves.

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