Song meaning of Television by Japan

Artist:Japan     January 27,2024
The lyrics of "Television" by Japan convey a message about the destructive power and dominance of media in society. The song criticizes how television and media in general control people's lives, causing them to lose touch with reality and genuine human connection.

In the verses, the band expresses frustration towards someone who is consumed by television, represented as "oral love" that keeps them from bed. The repetition of "it's all you ever said" emphasizes the limited and shallow nature of their conversations, as well as their obsession with television.

The chorus highlights the main theme of the song, stating that the person's love is being changed by their obsession with television. This portrays the negative impact of media, suggesting that it corrupts and distorts genuine emotions and relationships.

The bridge addresses the superficiality and emptiness of the media, describing how it throws "shit in your face" yet the person still smiles and continues to consume it. The lyrics express the idea that television offers nothing to believe in, emphasizing the lack of substance and true fulfillment it provides.

The final verses focus on the detrimental effects of television on individual and societal levels; insomnia, commercial sex appeal, and a relentless pursuit of superficiality. The repetition of "it's all you want" suggests a sense of resignation or desperation. The outro reinforces the idea that television has become all-consuming, replacing genuine human connections and desires.

Overall, the lyrics of "Television" convey a critique of the control and emptiness of media in society, urging listeners to question its influence and seek genuine connections and experiences beyond the screen.

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