Song meaning of PTSD by Machario (Ft. Brokezart & JOJO AIR)

Artist:Machario (Ft. Brokezart & JOJO AIR)     January 08,2024
The lyrics of the song "PTSD" by Machario, featuring Brokezart and JOJO AIR, convey a powerful message about the emotional and psychological scars left by past traumas. The song explores themes of self-healing, resilience, and the struggle to connect with others due to the fear of being hurt again.

The artist discusses their difficulty in opening up and trusting others as a result of the pain they have experienced. They express feelings of loneliness and the tendency to isolate themselves when going through difficult times. These experiences have led them to develop commitment issues and struggles with trusting people.

The lyrics also touch upon the concept of PTSD, suggesting that the traumas the artist has gone through have made them stronger. The artist acknowledges the weight of unresolved trauma on their mind and heart but emphasizes their determination to heal and process these experiences over time.

The song also explores the impact of absent fathers and the influence of street life on their upbringing, highlighting the challenges they have faced growing up without positive role models. They express gratitude for still being alive today despite difficult moments when they contemplated giving up.

Overall, "PTSD" conveys a message of resilience, self-reflection, and the ongoing journey towards healing from past traumas. It speaks to the importance of self-love and self-care while navigating the complexities of relationships and emotional wounds. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their scars and work towards a brighter future.

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