Song meaning of bi hope ur miserable until ur dead (sped up version) by Nessa Barrett & Nightcore

Artist:Nessa Barrett & Nightcore     January 31,2024
The song "i hope ur miserable until ur dead" by Nessa Barrett and Nightcore conveys a message of resentment and revenge towards someone who has caused the narrator pain and heartbreak. The lyrics express a strong desire for the subject to experience the same misery and suffering that they have inflicted.

The first verse establishes the narrator's determination to move on from the toxic relationship, but also highlights the lingering impact of the person's hurtful words. The chorus intensifies the resentment, as the narrator hopes the subject never finds love, loses friends, and faces accountability for their actions. The repetitive post-chorus emphasizes the intensity of the narrator's wish for the person to be miserable until they die.

The second verse reveals the narrator's temptation to spread the subject's secrets and make others hate them. However, they ultimately decide not to stoop to their level. The bridge reaffirms the narrator's resilience and refusal to let the subject's actions define them.

In the final chorus, the lyrics become more vindictive, expressing a desire for the subject to be haunted by regrets and suffer emotionally. The song ends with a final declaration of the narrator's unrelenting grudge and their hope for the subject to remain miserable until their death.

Overall, the song captures the emotions of anger, hurt, and a longing for justice that arise from a toxic relationship, highlighting the cathartic release that can come from expressing these emotions through music.

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